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1.Online Money Income "Knowledge monetization-use existing knowledge to make money"

Online Money Income You can divide these kinds of things into hundreds of small things you can do. And anything that requires your advice, knowledge, and skills is "knowledge monetization".

Mentality determines the success or failure of almost everything. A good attitude determines a good attitude, a good attitude determines a good action, and a good action determines a good result. If you feel that you don’t know anything, first of all, I doubt it, because almost everyone has certain skills and personal advantages. Second, if you feel that you are not good enough, it means you need to do better.

After correcting your mentality, you will find that making money has become so simple. Once you have specific knowledge and skills, you can use these knowledge and skills to help others. Provide them with consulting services or advice, or even write a book, teach a course, be a coach, as long as you can think of it and you can do it.

You can work independently, or you can work together with others. For example, you can use free online professional work, teaching, teamwork, or any way that can help you start making money. Even, you can do anything by yourself like meOnline Money Income .

Online Money Income Virtual currency mainly includes game currency issued by online game service providers, and dedicated virtual currency issued by portal websites or other service providers. According to the calculation method requested by the Beijing Municipal Local Taxation Bureau by the State Administration of Taxation, an individual purchases virtual currency from a wholesaler through the Internet to determine the income that he seeks from the newcomer and calculates his personal income based on the item of “Property Income”.

 The property for the sale of virtual currency was originally the price paid and related taxes for the purchase and sale of virtual currency on the network. If income proof can be provided, the balance after the original value of the personal property is the taxable income. ;Online Money Income If you cannot provide proof of income, complete personal transaction records at 3% of the total amount. Individuals who conduct virtual transactions through the Internet should pay attention to retaining relevant legal and valid vouchers for the payment of virtual currency online, so that they can be provided to the tax authorities according to the facts.

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